Homebuilding FAQ

Q. Is it more expensive to build a custom home?

A. It is not necessarily more expensive to build a custom home. In fact, because you control how the money is allocated, you will usually end up with a home that most closely meets your needs and specifications for the money you spend. Because homes are sold at market price, many times you will pay as much or more for a used home as you would for a custom home with everthing new.

Q. How do I finance the building of my new custom home?

A. Home owners generally first get a letter of credit approval from the lending institution that will be providing the construction financing. Draws are paid out during the construction process based on progress inspections by the lender. Terms and structures of loans vary, we will be happy to help you to understand this further as we work with many fine area lending institutions.

Q. How can I have an energy-efficient home without overspending?

A. Home Street builders construction of todays new homes provides for an energy efficient home without any extra expense. Upgrades to heating and cooling systems can provide paybacks leaving more money in the family budget.

Q. What kind of options do I have when I build my own custom home?

A. When working with Home Street Builders you have the utmost flexibility in home design. Because we use computer aided design techniques, we can help you create the plan that fits your lifestyle.

Q. Can you supply me with references?

A. Home Street Builders would be happy to supply you with a list of satisfied customers and trade references.

A. How can I be sure my home meets all the relevant safety and zoning codes?

Home Street Builders has an in-house designer who reviews all plans before they are used. Additionally, your local zoning and building departments inspect homes and they must pass the requirements before the home is approved for occupancy.

Q. Can I use plans from another designer, or from a magazine?

A. You can use plans from many sources when you use Home Street Builders. Our designer will review the plans to ensure that they meet local building codes and deed restrictions and are suitable for the Northern Ohio climatic conditions. Home Street builders has many sources of plans for you to view and would be happy to show them to you.

Further Information

Home Street Builders would be happy to talk with you about getting your own custom home designed, financed and built. We can be reached in several ways:

Telephone 330-388-6697

Postal address:
Home Street Builders, Inc.
P.O. Box 14688
Akron, Ohio 44321

General Information: ron@homestreetbuilders.com
Sales: sales@homestreetbuilders.com
Webmaster: webmaster@homestreetbuilders.com

Ronald B. McCoy, President

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